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The Energy of Everything


Color changes the

energy of everything…

for that what (which)

is camouflaged or dark

can bloom into a bright energy

when love is behind

the paintbrush.


~ Kelly Young


There is an artist in all of us when we

love from the heart.

Love is not the lust of our thoughts,

love is our humble actions that makes

the world of others a brighter place to live.

Today, if you can’t love, do no harm,

don’t block the sunlight from reaching

another artist pallet.

Love is the energy that brings everything to life.

Love is helping someone love themselves.


ME and the boss







At War



“Men are at war

with each other

because each man

is at war

with himself.”


~ Francis Meehan


Rare is the man who can accept that his God

made him exactly as he is supposed to be.

What man doesn’t want to be what he thinks he should be,

the man that he could be, only if.

Therefore, I will take what is yours and make myself feel

better for it.

What is war but a misguided ego trying to elevate the self esteem

of the man who does not know his wants from his needs.

Today, be kind, be the person your Higher Power wants you to be.

Kindness is the antidote to war.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


ME and the Boss