“At the

touch of love



a poet.”


~ Plato



The touch of love brings our total being into

a centered focus that has so many good feelings,

these emotions cause us to see beauty in a new light

and it renders us speechless and spellbound.

With all of that great elation pent up inside of us

we seek the words to spread our joy

to our beloved and to the whole world,

poetry erupts.

Today, focus on the love and beauty

in the Uni-verse of the Great Creator

and seek out the words to spread the love.

Love is being a poet, even if it doesn’t rhyme.

Love is helping someone love themselves.


ME and the Boss



About ME and the Boss

Motivation and life lived and loved in a positive light, one day at a time. Inspiration from a Higher Power, for those who believe they need one or both. View all posts by ME and the Boss

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