What Works

honesty, kindness,
good stewardship,
even humor,
work in businesses
at all times.

John Gerzema

Even if the only business you have
is the business of your life,
the advice given is applicable at all times.
Always remember the karma,
the energy that you put out into the Universe will
be returned in kind.
So, make sure all of your energies are
concentrated in the positive,
trying to make the business of life better for all.
Kindness works in business at all times.
Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.
ME and the Boss



Focus On The Good

“Don’t think about
making life better
for other people
who don’t even
deserve you,
rather, focus on making
your life the best,
for yourself and those
who love you.”

~ C. JoyBell C.

7.9 Billion people on this earth and most of us require
only one true love to make us complete.
No one knows how much love a heart can hold
but family, friends and a few acquaintances are
usually more than enough souls to keep
the average person happy and healthy.
Today, focus on yourself as you try to be
kind, loving, patient, tolerant, and forgiving,
the person your Higher Power and your dog
expect you to be.
The other 7,899,999,999 are on their own.
Love is focusing on yourself and those who love you.
Love is helping someone love themselves.
ME and the Boss