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No Autopilot

“The bad news is

time flies.

The good news is

you’re the pilot.”


~ Michael Altshuler


When I would wonder off into la la land

Mother would always say; ” Wake up and fly right.”

Just a gentle reminder that it is important to be

consciously aware that you are attempting

to do the next right thing.

If it is worth doing,

take the time and do it right.

Today, take the time to map out a flight plan

that your Higher Power would approve of.

Life is having a good flight plan.

Life is living and loving in the here ad now.


ME and the Boss



Teach Compassion

“Well, in the West,
you have education,
and this is good.
And you have
and this is good.

But, you do not educate
your people in values.
Values of the heart.
This you must do.”


~ The Dalai Lama


Have your been educated ? ? ?

Good news; you are never too old to learn.

Bad news; until you put into action that

which you have learned, education is worthless.

Best news; be kind, be loving, be patient, be tolerant,

and be compassionate,

knowing that the world will be a better place

because you have learned.

Kindness is being educated in the values of the heart.

Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.


ME and the Boss