“The life

of inner peace,

being harmonious

and without stress,

is the easiest type

of existence.”


~ Norman Vincent Peale


Life is hard, difficult and stressful

only when we choose to live that life.

Choosing to be with the wrong people,

in the wrong places, doing the wrong thing

guarantees an existence that is chaos exemplified.

Today, pray for easy

and when God gives you the chance,

choose to follow your inner peace and seek

to be in harmony with the will of a loving Higher Power.

Life is living in harmony with the Uni-verse.

Life is living and loving in the here and now.


ME and the Boss






About ME and the Boss

Motivation and life lived and loved in a positive light, one day at a time. Inspiration from a Higher Power, for those who believe they need one or both. View all posts by ME and the Boss

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