The purpose of art

is washing the dust

of daily life

off our souls.”


~ Pablo Picasso



Those who are in a rut,

stuck in the quagmire of daily routine

are only deluding themselves if they think they are happy.

Be creative; cooking, sewing, planting, painting,

molding, shaping, going outside of the box,

being the person the Great Creator wants you to be,

a well dusted, polished soul

that makes this world a happier place.

Today, be creative, smile, share with another soul

your vision of happiness.

Happiness is being creative.

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.


ME and the Boss


P.S. writing can also be creative …





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Motivation and life lived and loved in a positive light, one day at a time. Inspiration from a Higher Power, for those who believe they need one or both. View all posts by ME and the Boss

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