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The Seeds Of Today

“All the flowers

of all the


are in the seeds

of today.


~ Proverb USED 1-20-2023

There may be balance in God’s creation,
however, in the minds of man,
good and evil are never equal.
Good and evil are contained in the seeds
which we sow today.
Today, make it a point to sow only good seeds,
the seeds of kindness, patience, tolerance and forgiveness.
Today, plant the Creators “Garden of Love” with seeds
of Peace and Happiness into the minds of every child.
Happiness is a flower whose seeds were planted yesterday.
Happiness is helping someone help themselves.

ME and the Boss


No Problem

“Never let

a problem

to be solved


more important

than a person

to be loved.”


~ Thomas S. Monson

People who love and have a healthy relationship
rarely have problems that escalate above their importance.
Those who tend to have major problems all of the time
are called sick.
Their excuse is that they have fallen out of love.
Wrong, those who know how to love
never have a problem that they cannot resolve
by compromise, by working things out together.
Love is more important and stronger than any problem.
Love is helping someone love themselves.
ME and the Boss