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is a true friend
who never betrays.

~ Confucius

If you don’t know what to say,
the best choice is to be silent,
say nothing.
(or if you are from New York; Don’t say nuttin ! ! !)
Before you say anything, take the test:
Is it true?
Is it good?
Is it kind?
Is it useful?
Is it necessary?
Today, my all of your statements pass the test.
Kindness is knowing when to be silent.
Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.
ME and the Boss



No Boundaries

“The love of one’s country
is a splendid thing.
But why should love
stop at the border.”

~ Pablo Casals

Great fodder for many a dramatic novel and movie,
lovers whose relationships are discouraged by the communities
from which they come because of outside differences.
Race, religion, politics and other external influences
which try to destroy their love.
Depending upon the author, the love story may end
happily or in a disaster.
Today, be the author of world peace,
let love flourish between whomever it may be.
Love knows no political boundaries
Love is helping someone love themselves.
ME and the Boss