a thousand new roads

“Your mind,
this globe of awareness,
is a starry universe.
When you push off
with your foot,
a thousand new roads
become clear.”

~ Rumi

Take the first step.
Sitting around thinking about the what ifs
will eventually lead you to thinking
I could have, should have and would have,
the places where nothing ever changes.
It may be prudent to think a proposed action through
however, there comes a time when you must take that first step.
Think, pray, ask a friend, do your ground work,
but have a goal, set a date,
and when the time comes, just do it.
Kindness is the step that makes a thousand new roads become clear.
Kindness is the beginning of a life filled with love.
ME and the Boss



A Choice

“Love is the free exercise
of choice.
Two people love each other
only when they are

quite capable of living
without each other
but choose to live
with each other.”

~ M. Scott Peck

The unhealthy love is the one that requires
that two people suffocate each other.
Be healthy, love unconditionally, but
know that living without your true love
would be difficult, but not impossible
and in no way would it diminish your love for them.
Don’t think, feel, true love comes from the heart,
not the head.
Love is choosing to live with each other.
Love is helping someone love themselves..
ME and the Boss