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Be Silent

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“Now be silent.

Let the One who

creates the words speak.

He made the door.

He made the lock.

He also made the key.”


~ Rumi


Things don’t change,

how we perceive things changes.

The key to changing our perception is to

ask the right questions.

The One, He, who has all of the answers

is more than willing to let us know how it works

if we are just patient and persistent,

if we just knock on enough doors.

Don’t be a know it all, just think about

all of the doors that were not opened to us because

the key was offered and we refused to take it

because we thought we knew better.

Today, before you say no,

be willing to change your perception.

Life is listening for the answers and accepting His guidance.

Life is living and loving in the here and now.


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