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Common Sense



“Give the children love,

more love and

still more love –

and the common sense

will come by itself.”


~ Astrid Lindgren Lord


Common sense is learning that

if you do the next right thing

good things will happen.

Love is both the next right thing

and the good thing.

Because common ( used by the majority )

and sense ( the ability to understand ) has been

a topic of discussion since man first began

philosophical thought and writing,

don’t argue the semantics,

just love,

and do your part to make it

a shared understanding

among the majority.

Love is the teacher of common sense.

Love is helping someone love themselves.


ME and the Boss







The Voice of Your Heart



“Cut the ties to

things that keep

your mind spinning;

so that the voice

of your heart

can show you all

the blessings that

are being overlooked.”


~ Kelly Young


The key to happy, joyous and free

is a body, mind and soul that are in balance.

Learn to listen to your body

and know that it to can lie when it tells you

to eat that candy bar instead of the apple.

Learn to quiet the noisy mind

and remove the fears of doubt and uncertainty.

Learn to listen to your heart

but do not sever its ties with the gut feelings of common sense.

Today, stay in balance, body, mind and soul.

Happiness is a heart that counts all of your blessings.

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.


ME and the Boss