Still Time To Change

“Until you reach
the end of your road,
there is still time
to change the path
you’ve chosen.”

~ Susan Gale

As Yogi said, “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.”
As Jim Valvano said, “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.”
Every day we come to a fork in the road.
Some days the choices are more apparent
and significant than others,
but they are still there.
Today, don’t be afraid to take the path
that was not what you had originally planned to take,
just take the one that will make you happy.
Life is changing, up to the end.
Life is living and loving in the here and now.


ME and the Boss


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Motivation and life lived and loved in a positive light, one day at a time. Inspiration from a Higher Power, for those who believe they need one or both. View all posts by ME and the Boss

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