The Whole Body Smile

The Whole Body Smile

Smile, it makes them wonder what you are up to.
No, not that smarmy, guilty looking grin that the Cheshire Cat wore to
help make Alice into the star she is today.
No, not that slight curvature of the corners of your mouth
that you force onto your face when the little old lady pinches your cheek.
Yes, your real smile, the one that goes from the top of your
head all the way down to your toes, “the whole body smile.”
Never heard of it, don’t know how to do it??
Just follow these simple instructions,
these twelve easy steps:

1) Be happy. It is an attitude, just do it.

2) Clear your brain of any activity. (Like thinking) For most of us
there is no effort required, this is better known as our normal state of mind.

3) Open your eyes. Sparkling, smiling, laughing eyes are beautiful to behold
and the wonder is how those smiling eyes see things more clearly.
Every day something new is born into this world.
Smile, God made it just for you to enjoy.

4) Shut your mouth. You cannot hear when your mouth is moving,
nor can you smile when you mouth is moving.

5) Clean out your ears. Listen closely to others and heed the word of God.
God has endowed man with the ability to make beautiful music,
learn to listen and listen to enjoy.

6) Relax.
Ever notice that the back of your neck is always tense,
bad habit, smiles make the stress go away.

7) Follow your heart.
Love enormously, love often and smile when you think of those that you love.
Remember that you may like things, you may enjoy things, you may want things,
but your only need is to love people, God and pets.

8) Hug everything, even trees.
God has given you two arms and two hands so that you may hold onto
those things that make you smile, however, we must remember that
God’s will may take those things from us at anytime and we must let go
and learn to smile when we remember the good times.
Hand in hand we will do for each other what we cannot do alone.
If you are holding my hand I cannot pick up a drink.

9) Trust your gut feelings.
God has given you the intuitive instincts to protect your feelings from being hurt.
Learn to smile when you say “I told you so.”

10) Move out of the way.
God has given you two legs to allow you to motivate your body to places that are happy.
Go there.
Smile in anticipation while you are moving towards your happy destination,
and make the smile even larger when you have reached your goal.

11) Dance.
God has given you two feet to celebrate the rest of your body.
Don’t think about it, don’t talk about it; see it, feel it, trust it,
listen to the music and move to the rhythm of God’s earth.

12) Toes know.
When your toes are happy,
you will know you have learned “the whole body smile.”

Smile, this is God’s candid camera watching you do his will.
Be yourself…everyone else is already taken.
The Doctors orders are to repeat the process as often as necessary and share
with everyone whom you think would also benefit from “The Whole Body Smile.”
Happiness is helping someone help themselves.
Me and the Boss (Michael Erb)


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